London-based graphic designer and fan artist THUMBS has an entire world of nineties era mashups on his Instagram and official etsy store but one project of his has checked ALLLLLL of our boxes and that's his Pokemon/Simpsons mashups that combine our two favorite animated series that have been running for WAY WAY TOO MANY SEASONS.

Each design is available as stickers, soft enamel pins, and replica pokemon ccg cards.

1. Psyduck X Ralph Wiggum

ralph wiggum hello there


2. Blastoise X Homer Simpson


3. Snorlax X Comic Book Guy 



4. Pikachu X Bart Simpson

pikachu bart simpsons

5. Dugtrio X Hans Moleman

moleman hello

6. Lapras X Marge Simpson



7. Mr Mime X Krusty the Clown



8. Gastly X Maude Flanders


9. Exeggutor X Sideshow Bob Terwilliger

sideshow bob


10. Venusaur X Barney Gumble



11. Charizard X Mr. Burns



12. Tangela X Milhouse Van Houten



13. Meowth X Scratchy

meowth hello


14. Arcanine X Groundskeeper Willie



15. Jynx X Edna Krabappel

edna krabappel 

16. Grimer X Frank Grimes 

frank grimes

You can buy these sweet pins straight from the source on THUMBS' etsy page.