It's almost a little concerning how quickly Super Mario Maker went from "fun game where you can make your own Mario levels!" to "torture chamber design school." There was a brief, shining moment where people were just trying to make fun-to-play, slightly challenging old-school Mario levels, but that was thrown out the door the instant people realized they could make nightmare mazes where even the slightest misstep means death. And that brings us to VAL'S SHELLSPACE.


Val JP is something of a legend in the Mario Maker community - known for his punishing and morbidly-complex level design, and Val's Shellspace might just be his masterpiece. The problem that all Mario Maker designers run into is that they need to prove that their level is beatable before uploading for public consumption - which led to Val JP having to spend over 60 hours and over 32,000 attempts to beat his own level.


Take a look at the level and you can see why - every single pixel counts. There is danger everywhere. Each section of the stage includes a thousand things that can go wrong, and so much of it depends on being able to juggle shells EXACTLY right. Miraculously, Val JP was able to complete it  - after literally days of trying, more than a few crying spells, and building every single jump into his muscle memory. It's legitimately insane to watch:

Since Val JP uploaded the level, it's been attempted over 724,000 times, and cleared a grand total of 36 times. That's a completion rate of approximately 0.00497%.

If you're a self-loathing masochist, here's the level ID: 534B-0000-01DE-2947

May god have mercy on your soul.