In graphic design, "kerning" describes the spacing between letters. Though it seems simple enough, there's actually thousands of ways that the letters in a font clash and combine to look uneven. Many times the difference between "professional" and "amatuer" signage is that the designer didn't hand-adjust the spacing so that the words flow together without any weird gaps or merging. The worst case scenario is when there's not ENOUGH kerning (such as in our own font, womp womp) and the words end up looking like MUCH DIFFERENT words.

1. The common wisdom is, once you notice bad kerning for the first time, you see it everywhere

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2. Kerning is the difference between a great sale and a life-changing poop.

anal clearance
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3. One simple spacing error can drastically alter your intentions

therapists the rapists kerning
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4. Or just make what you're saying borderline illegible

wendys now hiring weird bad sign
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5. Or just make for some hilarious mistakes 

happy birthday clint cunt
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