Skyrim is a huge world, full of strange little secrets and places to explore. It's so huge though, that you may have missed a number of the tragic, sad stories that the incredible developers at Bethesda hid across the game. Stories of lost love, doomed friendships, and all kinds of depressing little stories that you may not have noticed, but deserve to be heard.

1. Frostflow Lighthouse


When you first walk into Frostflow Lighthouse, you're met with an absolute horror show - there's blood, a corpse, and a dead Chaurus (hinting at the lighthouse's Chaurus infestation). Through reading the diaries, you find that a Redguard couple, Habd and Ramati, had long dreamed of moving from Hammerfell to Skyrim and living in the lighthouse, along with their kids Sudi and Mani. They finally saved up enough money to purchase the place and move their family - but soon after, it all went to hell.


Habd had been hearing strange noises coming from the cellar, so he went to town to buy some traps. When he returned, he found Ramati dead. It turned out the noises he'd been hearing in the cellar were from a growing Chaurus population and a den of Falmer. He tried locking himself in the cellar to stop any of them from making it out of the lighthouse, but he and Sudi were captured, and his son Mani already killed. When he was taken away to be fed to the Chaurus Reaper, he left a dagger with Sudi - which she used to take her own life, before a worse fate could befall her.

Unfortunately, this all happens long before you arrive - the family is already dead. All you can do is place Habd's remains in the lighthouse fire, granting him his final wish of being able to look upon the sea.


2. Ranmir


Ranmir's one of the many drunks you come across in Skyrim - but his story is sadder than most. Ranmir used to be in love with a woman named Isabelle - but one night the local inn ran out of his favorite mead, and he went into a rage over it. Soon after, Isabelle ran off to Riften with a thief named Vex, according to a merchant, and Ranmir became a drunken mess.

If you track down Vex, she'll reveal that Isabelle came with her in order to make a little extra money. Vex sent her to Hob's Fall Cave and hadn't heard back from her since.

If you reach Hob's Fall Cave, you'll find that Isabelle died there. You'll also find a letter, which reveals that Isabelle didn't just run away from Ranmir because she was sick of him and his temper. She ran off because she wanted...well, just read the letter.

My dearest Ranmir,

By the time you receive this, I will be gone. I know that it's wrong to mislead you, but I didn't want you to prevent me from going.

I know it's been hard on you, on both of us, struggling to survive. I hate to see the look in your eyes every time you think about how little the two of us have, and I know you're too proud to ever say anything. So I'm going to make it all better.

I've talked to my friend Vex, and she's given me some advice. I know how to get something that will allow us to live happily, without ever worrying about money ever again.

I love you so much, Ranmir. You mean the world to me, and I only want to see you happy.

Worry not. I'll be home soon.


Ugh. Isabelle only ran off to try to provide a better life for her and Ranmir, so they could live comfortably and happily ever after. Thankfully, you can show the letter to Ranmir, giving him closure on his relationship and putting an end to his alcoholism.

3. Dead Lovers Camp


Not far from Old Hroldan, you may come across a small camp, with two corpses strewn about, and a bear or sabre cat still in the prowl. The two people were a couple - star-crossed lovers, a Dunmer and a Breton. The Breton woman, named Karan, had fallen in love with the Dunmer (named Talvur) - but her wealthy father would not allow her to marry a commoner, let alone a poor miner like Talvur. So the two plotted to run away together - Talvur saving up his wages for a few months so that they could make it on their own in Riften.

But while camping on their first night together and free, they were killed by a wild animal in the night. You can still find Talvur's saved earnings in the tree stump near the camp.

And, if you leave the camp and return later, the bodies will be gone, and a Shrine of Mara (the goddess of love) will be left in their place.


4. Tova Shatter-Shield


During the Dark Brotherhood questline, you are given the task of killing Alain Dufont, and the option of killing Nilsine Shatter-Shield as well. Nilsine's twin sister, Friga, had died years ago by a serial killer in Windhelm known as The Butcher - which sent Nilsine and her mother Tova into depression.

If you don't kill Nilsine (which is optional), nothing sadder happens to Tova. But if you kill her, you leave Tova childless, and she commits suicide - leaving behind this note:

First Friga, now Nilsine? How can I bare the loss of a second daughter, when I'm barely over the death of a first?

I simply cannot find any reason to continue living. My two little girls are gone. The lights of my life have been extinguished. My only hope now is to be reunited with them in the halls of Sovngarde - if the eternals can suffer the company of one who has taken her own life. If not, then wherever my soul may end up - in Oblivion, or elsewhere - has to be better than this terrible existence.

Farewell. Remember me fondly, and often.

Tova Shatter-Shield