It's tough to beat a Dark Souls game even if you're completely focused and have a strategy guide pulled up on your phone. Doing the same thing while blindfolded should be downright impossible, but that's what streamer SayviTV has been doing. Her Dark Souls III exploits have recently made the rounds on Reddit, and for good reason -- she's obliterating the bosses in one of gaming's most challenging franchises without even looking

If you don't follow the series too closely, you gotta understand what's happening here. It's not just memorizing a few moves. SayviTV is carefully listening for audio cues and parrying at the exact right moment, and then following up with attacks accordingly. It's hard to do even when you do have the use of your eyeballs, but Sayvi makes it look easy.

Born in Germany to American parents, SayviTV (real name Erika Willis) has been speedrunning Dark Souls III for months. Her Twitch subscriber numbers have shot up significantly in the past few weeks, thanks in part to the virality of those Reddit posts that showcase her insane skills. 

So what's it like when she takes the blindfold off?

It's difficult enough to parry a boss once. Here, Sayvi pulls it off multiple times, in succession, with seemingly no effort at all. For times like these, there should be a word that's harder than "hardcore." Is diamondcore too on the nose?

That isn't to say she doesn't need help from time to time. Dark Souls III was actually designed for people who could see the game, believe it or not. There aren't always sufficient audio cues because the game assumes players will pick up on visual hints. So sometimes Sayvi ropes in her friend Dan to make some call-outs. 

No doubt there will be naysayers out there, claiming that she's peeking, or that dude is playing offscreen or that she ripped the video from someone else entirely. SayviTV seems to have headed off the trolls by using the blindfold and keeping her controller at least in partial view of the camera while she completes these epic runs.

If you would like to be amazed and also feel bad about your own pitiful skills on a regular basis, you can subscribe to SayviTV on Twitch and YouTube