1. Custom Hello Kitty G10 by deathofallthings 

hello kitty
Ugh, this is so dumb, this person CLEARLY should have gone with "Badtz Maru".


2. The 'iStab' Phone Case by mikeasaurus

"Swipe to unlock".

3. Combination Hand Cannon / Pocket Knife by Bruce Bump

cannon knife
The perfect art piece for collectors, artisans, or hunters for beasts of the Old Blood.


4. The Karate Lettuce Chopper from GAMA-GO

Just because you're a vegetarian doesn't mean you can't have a cartoonishly violent existence.


5. The Shark Knife by unknown

shark knife
For the person who went to the ninja weapons stand at the Renn Fair and said "not impractical enough".

6. Eiffel Tower Dagger by BladesUSA

They'll take this knife when they pry it from my warm, recently surrendered hands. (cheap shot, I know)


7. Fractal Cutlery Set By LhogoNurbs

More proof that math majors are capable of feeding themselves in this economy.


8. This Set of Matryoshka-Like Kitchen Knives by Deglon

knives in knives
It's KNIFE-ception.


9. The Spider-Knife by Spyderco

spiderman knife
Not gonna lie, this one just looks straight-up cool.


10. Metal Kunai Throwing Knife / USB Drive by unknown

kunai usb
Store your data in a way that let's people know you're business in the streets, chuunin in the sheets. 


11. Motorcycle Dragon Knife via Cutlery Wholesale

dragon motorcycle knife
The official knife of "I am 12 and went to the Flea Market unattended".


12. Coyote Jawbone Folder by muskrat man

coyote bone knife
The perfect fashion accessory for that cool "leather vest no shirt" look you've been thinking about trying.


13. "8-Bit Sword" Multitool by Paladone

knife sword
It's dangerous to go alone, take this!


14.  KUJIRA Whale-Shaped Utility Knives by Yoshihiro

whale knives
These whales are literally knives yet are still less violent than the orcas at Sea World.


15. Game of Thrones "Dragonglass" Dagger Set from NobleWares

Nothing spices up a tinder profile like the phrase "owns an obsidian dagger".


16. Titanium "Man Ring" Wearable Tool by boonerings

man ring
You hear that, ladies? Your rings can only have stupid weak diamonds on them!


17. Master Sword Cake Slicer by HammerStacheProducts

  master sword
If you want to wield this, make sure you have the pendant of carbohydrates.


18. Solid Wood Kitchen Knives by Andrea Ponti

wood knives
And here you thought wooden tools were just for the first 15 minutes of Minecraft.


19. The "Ultimate" Swiss Army Knife by Wenger

swiss army knife
Always be prepared (to have your pants weighed down by 4 pounds of stainless steel).


20. Official X-Wing Knife Block Set (product link)

star wars knife
Chop up your veggies using the force... and the leverage, because that's how knives work.