Game Freak dropped a hoard of new creatures, characters, and factions in the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon, but there's been a runaway breakout star in the fanart community. Everybody can't seem to get enough of Wicke, a jovial and matronly executive from the mysterious Aether Corporation. 

With her distinctive look and appealing fashion sense, it seems like fans just want to know more about this pastel personnel director. But it's more than interest, it's becoming an obsession. In fact, cartoonist/internet meme daddy KC Green put it best on twitter when he said:


Let's unravel the mystery behind Wicke's newfound popularity

1. She definitely projects a friendly and welcoming demeanor

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2. And she's got more curves than your standard Pokemon character

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3. Yes, the internet has unanimously declared "Wicke is THICC"

butter cookie
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4. Definitely got that classic Velma vibe going for her

draw raw
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5. Who doesn't love a good glasses and sweater combo?

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6. And the boots? TO DIE FOR!

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7. There's something to be said for hipster-librarian chic

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8. People must be so glad to see different body types represented in Nintendo games

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9. Why else would they be so obsessed with this one character?

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10. Perhaps there's some Dolores Umbridge-like secrets behind those eyes?

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11. Name one, or even two other reasons people would be attracted to this design?

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12. Oh right, boobs. It's always boobs. People like boobs.

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