We know how Pokemon Go is revolutionizing people's social lives for the better, but we haven't heard nearly enough talk about how the app is affecting people's romantic lives. Let's investigate.

1. It appears it's having a positive effect

2. Twitter user T Mulligan even live-tweeted his successful Pokemon Go date

3. It seems like Pokemon Go is replacing Netflix & Chill

4. Unfortunately, Pokemon Go can cause tension in pre-existing relationships...


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5. But a lot of girlfriends understand the lure of Pokemon Go all too well



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7. An unexpected bonus? People can use Pokemon Go to lure out the rattatas


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8. Good thing a commenter told her how to best catch him


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9. Of course, there is a new Pokemon Go dating app

It's called PokeDates and you can use it now!

After you sign up, you answer a few questions and describe your Pokemon Go hunting schedule. Then, the app sets you up on a date with another player.

Hopefully, both parties will get more from the date than a couple of Zubats.

Times Pokemon Go Changed Dating  

10. And remember: if all your romantic endeavors fail, you can always go on a date WITH a pokemon