1. City Spirits GO for Chinese Netizens Locked Out of Pokemon

city spirit go

At the time of this writing, this Pokemon GO knock-off is the NUMBER 1 MOST DOWNLOADED free game for iOS in China. Serving as a functional salve for all the millions of fans who definitely WANT to play the world's most hyped communal mobile game, but can't access a Google account or Google Maps servers due to their government's ongoing beef with the tech giant over privacy concerns (or the CPC's lack thereof). Featuring illustrations from a well known Pokemon fan-artist, players are greeted by a DILF-y professor and instructed to travel around GPS maps and collect these fanciful creatures.

Here's Tech Insider's breakdown of the gameplay:

I've never been more proud to be an American. Because giving away my email and location info to a corporation so I can capture hundreds of Zubats and Doduos isn't dumb, it's PATRIOTIC.

2. Legend of Titan, The Totally NOT Overwatch Game


Blizzard should be proud of what they've accomplished with Overwatch, having created a massively popular multi-player only experience with a diverse and appealing cast of heroes to choose from. But man, wouldn't it be EVEN BETTER if you could take that same amazing experience everywhere on your phone? Whether you're waiting for the bus or just taking a top-tier dumpo, it'd be great to have that same fun gameplay in a mobile experience... 


Uh... WTF is this? 


No seriously, this cannot be real.


Welcome to the world of Legend of Titan, a totally original game in which you play as totally original characters with totally original abilities. Now it's very likely that this game will not see the light of day as an official release even in copyright-liberal China, considering Overwatch's immense popularity there. Many have speculated that this is an attention-seeking move by the developer, who needed to show off their mobile-3D chops since they were previously only known for browser games.

The only hole in that logic is that the game gets WAY less impressive once you see it in motion:


Let's be honest, it looks more hopeless than a team full of Widowmakers on attack escort.