1. Brigitte, the Woman Behind Reinhardt's Armor


Every knight needs a squire, and in the world of Overwatch the woman known only as "Brigitte" does the job for Reinhardt Wilhelm.

A friend, assistant, and traveling companion to the big man with a big hammer Brigitte's specific relationship with the former Overwatch agent isn't clear. She only appears in-person in the tie-in comic "Dragon Slayer." During which we see her not just keeping Reinhardt's gear in order, but his pride and potentially his squishy bits as well.

See, in the comic, Reinhardt is depicted not unlike the classic figure Alonso Quijano, a.k.a. Don Quixote. he travels the world, righting wrongs, and protecting people. The main difference being that Reinhardt actually tackles baddies instead of phantoms of his own imagination. The villains of the aforementioned belong to a gang called the Dragons.


Throughout the short Brigitte attempts to keep Reinhardt in check. Whether it's keeping their travel money from being blown on currywurst, or his brains being blown out by bangers. When reason isn't enough to keep him in line, however, she slams his armor back into the shape we see it by the time of Overwatch the game.

Here's where another Don Quixote reference might be at play. Reinhardt rides into battle against the "dragons" only to see the genuine, fire-breathing article before him. Not unlike Quijano's famous windmills. It might just be visual metaphor, sure, but even symbolically Reinhardt sees the minor encounter as much more. A mentality that Brigitte worries might land him dead in a German ditch somewhere.


This would place her in the role of Sancho Panza: the clever sidekick to a delusional geezer. You could almost infer that Brigitte sticks around to make sure the old man doesn't hurt himself. Reinhardt doesn't seem to mind, however. In-game dialogue between he and Mercy reveals he's happy to have "that poor girl" at his side. Perhaps she'll even take a more active role once Blizzard starts unveiling more new heroes.

2. Doomfist, Scourge or Savior?


Not to be confused with the online handle of that 12-year-old who keeps dropping F-bombs in Call of Duty, "Doomfist" is actually a pretty important figure to Overwatch lore. At least it seems so. The game's developers haven't really given us a great deal of specifics on what these individuals can and continue to do.

We do know that Doomfist is not one person, but three. Senior VP of Creative Design at Blizzard, Chris Metzen, has likened the moniker to that of The Flash. That is, a title that passes from one person to the next. In this case the Doomfists are delineated by their subtitles: "The Savior," "The Scourge," and "The Successor." All of which are literally on display in the very first announcement trailer for Overwatch.

If you really do some digging there's a whole lot that can be inferred about these Doomfists. And a whole lot less that can be said with any certainty. What is clear is that all three of them wield some serious hardware in the form of their gauntlets. Call it a guess, but this might also be where they take their name from.

We also know that the big bads of Overwatch -- the mercenary group Talon -- want them. Pay attention on the Numbani map inside the game and you'll notice the attacking team is escorting the first Doomfist's right-hand gauntlet. Not to mention Widowmaker (herself a tool of Talon) and Reaper try to get it in the aforementioned trailer.


Meanwhile, the third Doomfist is making noise in Africa. Specifically the fictional city of, once again, Numbani. In Overwatch lore this burg is home to peace-loving humans and sentient robots who don't have a problem with sharing the planet. Doomfist III has a problem with that, and is "threatening the peace" they so crave.

That seems like too big a thread to leave dangling. Our money is on Blizzard addressing the mystery individual and their war on unity in a future update.