1.  "Barbarian Warrior" Merida Just Straight-up CHILLING With a Bear

merida and bear amazing cosplay
via Dasha Kond


2. Slave Leia Dude Inflated His Own Captor

slave leia balloon jabba the hutt
via BeardedLeiaCosplay


3. It Takes Real Balance to Pull Off an Authentic Slenderman

slenderman amazing cosplay
via kleinekonan


4. Speaking of Authentic, This is the MOST Realistic Final Fantasy Cosplay Ever

final fantasy amazing cosplay
via havoc-the-tenrec


5. This Photo Will Make You Rethink All That Sexy Futurama Fanart You Downloaded in 7th Grade

leela futurama amazing cosplay
via DavannSreyPhotography


6. Pacific Rim "Crimson Typhoon" Jaeger Made From Real Scrap Parts

amazing cosplay
via brooklynrobotworks


7. You Know Who Doesn't Get Enough Cosplay? Eren's Mom From Attack on Titan

attack ><br />via <em><strong><a href=drabblemeister


8. Never Thought I'd Say This, But I Admire The Way They Caged Those Toddlers

lord of the rings amazing cosplayvia The_Neon_Knight


9. Don't Even Want to Think About How Much Work This Homemade Groot Suit Required

groot guardians of the galaxy amazing cosplay
via Calen Hoffman


10. That's Not a Sculpture, There's A Human Being Piloting That Metal Gear

metal gear amazing cosplay
via ProVoltageCosplay


11. Highly Trained Assassin Just Unlocked a New Section of the Map

assassin's creed enzio amazing cosplay
via wanttoshreddit


12. Annie and Tibbers Showing Off Some Diamond-Ranked Imagination

amazing cosplay
via apertureashley


13. Pikachu Reimagined as A True God of Thunder

pokemon mech pikachu amazing cosplay
via cosplayexp.com


14. New 52 Joker Puts His Best Face Forward

joker amazing cosplay
via Cinema Makeup School FanPage


15. If You're Gonna Do a Group Cosplay as Furniture, Make It The Iron Throne

via IGN