1. Mario

    I think the Mario brothers are pretty well qualified for your plumbing company, sir.

  2. Manager

    Well, Mario-

  3. Mario

    Dr. Mario. Olympic athlete Dr. Mario.

  4. Manager

    Er, yes. It seems that your doctorate was earned via a Tetris knock-off?

  5. Mario

    Indeed it was.

  6. Manager

    Well, Mr…

  7. Mario


  8. Manager

    Your name is Mario Mario?

  9. Mario


  10. Manager

    Listen, Mario, I'll level with you. Your plumbing work is suspect at best.

  11. Mario

    Excuse me?

  12. Manager

    You…you go into pipes. And some of them warp users to other worlds, correct?

  13. Mario


  14. Manager

    And while working on said pipes, you fight tons of turtles?

  15. Mario

    Koopas. Koopa Troopas. Some have wings. Some throw hammers.

  16. Manager

    That's not how plumbers work…let alone how turtles work. Not to mention those fire-spitting plants. That's…well, that's bad plumbing.

  17. Mario

    They are terrifying. You don't know the things I've seen.

  18. Manager


  19. Mario

    Do you have any idea how many times I've died?

  20. Manager

    Excuse me?

  21. Mario

    I've died millions of times down there.

  22. Manager

    That's…suspect at best.

  23. Mario

    This whole system is suspect!

  24. Manager

  25. Mario

  26. Manager

    Also, plumbing might not be the best choice for your brother, maybe a nice job working at Burger King?

  27. Luigi


  28. Mario

    How dare you.

  29. Manager

    Just saying it like it is.