6. The Goro Effects in Mortal Kombat

For a very long time Mortal Kombat was the dazzling success story of the game-to-movie adaptation world. Though now we laugh at the pan-asian weirdness and Christopher Lambert's beguiling performance as a French god of thunder, one aspect of the production stands out and is still fascinating: the 4-armed monstrosity known as Goro.

In 1994 the sun was beginning to set for the practical effects industry. Jurassic Park proved that CGI was the future of filmmaking but it wasn't quite there yet for films without a Spielberg-sized budget. The digital effects in this movie are crude and amateurish, but every time Goro is on screen you're looking at how animatronics, makeup, and stop-motion effects worked together at the height of the craft. Decades of expertise brought together to create moments like this to life:


Wonderful. Simply breathtaking.

5. The First-Person Scene in Doom

The year was 2005, Dwayne Johnson still needed to be credited as "The Rock", America was riding high on that real-estate bubble, and a movie based on Doom was released for literally no discernable reason. What's disappointing about this film is how it doesn't have enough action to capture the feeling of Doom 1+2, nor does it have the mood or atmosphere to be an adaptation of Doom 3. It is simply the movie equivalent of a baked potato. Also I vaguely remember a plot throughline about people being "genetically evil" or something, and that's gross. 

But there's one moment that justified its entire existence, the first-person scene. This was so prominent in the ads and trailers that rumor was that the entire film was actually going to be told from the perspective of a constantly firing chaingun. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, but we did get this sequence of Karl Urban going into "Rage Mode"

Doom First-Person Scene (HD) by DanQ8000

Up until the 2016 Doom reboot game, this was literally as good as it could possibly get.