3. Wrathion, The Only Uncorrupted Dragon of His Kind


World of Warcraft is not one to stray from nominative determinitism. As such the black dragon Wrathion does indeed have a lot to be wrathful about. Starting with the fact that his entire subspecies has been corrupted by the Old Gods, with only him reflecting what a true and pure Black Dragon ought to be.

Of course, just being an uncorrupted black dragon made him into a target right from the jump. At first just to be born at all (his evil dragon mom was basically forced to lay Wrathion's egg). Then to get as far as hatching. Being King Shit of Asshole Mountain -- and a big fan of corrupted dragons to boot -- Deathwing wanted Wrathion dead before he broke the shell.

Instead, the biggest and baddest of the big, bad dragons smote the wrong egg and Wrathion was born. With the complete knowledge of what happened to him while he was inside the egg, and everything. Either because the outward scheming made its mark on him early, or because he didn't have a load of evil gods telling him how to behave, Wrathion quickly grew into a schemer rather than a bringer of fire.

HIs dealings typically manifest as crafting useful weapons for would-be adventurers (that is World of Warcraft players). He encourages these lucky wanderers to use his devices to meet his own goals -- such as killing one Garrosh Hellscream. Who was at the time the Warchief of the Horde.

Wrathion's logic was that, with Garrosh no longer a going concern, the Horde and Alliance would unite. Peace through power, etc., etc. While his methods may have been a bit murky, his ultimate goal was for a stronger Azeroth that could face the never-ending stream of otherworldly nonsense that seems to plague the planet.

Unfortunately for Wrathion, there's the problem of World of Warcraft itself -- with its race selection, PVP, and entire continents worth of content -- are built around that very binary choice. It's in Blizzard's best interest to keep the two factions separate, and it's hard to imagine a more Sisyphean task than for a fictional character to rail against his very creators' wishes.

3. Gelbin Mekkatorque, An Awful Politician with the Popular Vote

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Gelbin Mekkatorque is a bit of an odd duck. Which isn't too much of an issue given that he's a gnome. In the grand tapestry of Warcraft, lore leaning into stereotypes isn't such a bad career move. What's odd about Gelbin, though, isn't that he is strange, but that he's still around in the first place.

As the elected leader of Gnomeregan during its fall, Mr. Mekkatorque has seen some serious shit. In fact, he's been the cause of some truly terrible travesties that maybe should have gotten him removed from office. Instead, his supreme and gnome-y self has transcended the confines of democracy in order to become King of the Gnomes.

If you're not familiar with "Gnomeregan" that's the capital city of the pint-sized tinkerers. Or at least it was. Sometime before World of Warcraft kicked off the underground city saw itself ogre-like "Troggs." In a rather ill-conceived, and even less thought out bid to save the city, Gelbin opted to flood the place with radiation.

The idea came from his right-hand gnome, Sicco Thermaplugg. The covetous lad not only helped Mekkatorque kill or corrupt a good portion of the city's population, he turned on his appointed ruler and tried to lead a rebellion in the disaster's wake. Meaning Gelbin lost not just his homeland and a large chunk of his people, but what he thought was a good friend as well.

After that string of quite bad decisions (like trusting a guy named "Sicco") you'd think the surviving gnomes would turn on Mekkatorque. Not give him an indefinitely extended term in office. But that's exactly what they did, and to this day his highness plots to retake a zone which the game's developers have seemingly all but forgotten.

This might be attributable to Mekkatorque's sharp intellect. Gnomes (in WoW at least -- we can't speak for other fictitious worlds) are a meritocratic lot. Despite Gelbin's failures he also built some real hot bangers: including Mechanostriders, Repair Bots, and the Deeprun Tram itself. Though even that last feat is sullied somewhat by the fact that Mekkatorque might have been a little crazy while building it. Accounts vary, but apparently gnomish appreciation for craftsmanship does not.