We like fun geeky gear, especially when they have an actual useful purpose (no offense, Funko Pop collectors). So we've decided to revisit our Kitchen Wares guide to find some more nerdy tools/vessels to help up your cooking game.

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1. Doctor Who Electronic Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter


Time is a flat, cheesy, circle.

Price: 18.99

amazon link


2. Nintendo-Inspired "Power Mitt" by fangamer


I love the Power Mitt, it's so bad... at thermal conductivity.

Price: $15

purchase link


3. Hidden Cthulu Coffee Mug by Creature Cups

cthulu mug

The Eldritch Gods AWAKEN (as soon as they have their coffee).

Price: $14.99

amazon link


4. The Nessie Ladle by Ototo

nessie ladle

Imbue your soups with all the flavor and tradition of the Scottish Tourism Industry.

Price: $5

amazon link


5. Millenium Falcon and X-Wing Silicone Ice/Candy Molds

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Cooler than carbonite.

Price: $9.43

amazon link


6. MInecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener by Thinkgeek

thinkeek bottle opener

Thinking about how many Minecraft fans are now old enough to drink just made me want to drink.

Price: $19.99

amazon link