It's hard to separate Peter Dinklage from Tyrion, the flawed but lovable Lannister brother who's captured our hearts even though he's killed multiple people (man, that seems to be a thing with the Lannisters, huh?), because he plays the character beautifully.

To say he is a fan favorite doesn't capture the all-consuming love fans feel for the show's best character. He's the show's moral center and voice of reason, and the show wouldn't be the same without him. And, since our lives revolve around Game of Thrones from April to June, I think it's safe to say none of our lives would be the same without him. Here are 10 reasons why we appreciate him sticking around.

1. He can improve your day with just one picture

peter dinklage riding scooter

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2. Now that Tyrion's befriended dragons, this is within your reach, Peter...

peter dinklage game of thrones reddit ama

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3. This was his amazing reaction to winning an Emmy

4. And this was his amazing reaction to meeting his Madame Tussauds wax figurine

peter dinklage game of thrones wax figure

5. He pulled off a mullet in his high school yearbook

peter dinklage year book photo mullet

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6. He knows how to interrupt an interview in style



7. He's undeniably attractive

sansa stark licking peter dinklage mask 

8. He killed it on SNL when he hosted. Specificially with this sketch "Space Pants."

Here's the full sketch if you need to see more -- and let's be honest, you do:

9. He perfectly describes Game of Thrones to a n00b



10. Regardless of why he took the role of Tyrion, we're so glad he did

peter dinklage game of thrones reddit ama

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11. His response to if he's worried Tyrion is going to die is perfect



12. The only other character he'd want to play on Game of Thrones is...




13. He knows what to do when people ask him how Game of Thrones ends