It is a truth universlly acknowledged that there is nothing worse than witnessing PDA, but there are some displays of affection that should be shared with the world. If you got a cool girlfriend who gets you geek-tastic gifts, it's only right to immediately post a photo to r/gaming and rake in the upvotes. You earned those by having great taste in romantic partners. 


1. She learned to crochet to make this!

girlfriend gift

via JasonInTheMiddle

2. Her graduation gift that never lets him forget what's most important in life

girlfriend gift

via MiniBT

3. Even Luigi is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday

girlfriend gift

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4. She did it for the gaming community

girlfriend gift

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5. Even Glaados would melt at this gift

girlfriend gift

via Cryptie

6. A GTA fan driving through your mind is dangerous

girlfriend gift

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7. She's like a real-life video game companion

girlfriend gift

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8. This is what a gift exchange between soulmates looks like

girlfriend gift exchange

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9. Almost as good as a Hogwarts letter

girlfriend gift

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10. This girl is a LEGEND in a LEAGUE of her own

girlfriend gift

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11. She's pulling an Aragorn

girlfriend gift

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12. <3 3="" h2="">

girlfriend gift

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