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I was playing Black Ops and I was in the pre-game lobby, when someone asked if anyone had seen the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy. Some guy decided he was going to be a smart-ass and said, "I don't watch that show because it glorifies things that I don't appreciate. I only watch shows that have values and things that I support." Some other guy spoke up and said, "Yeah, that's why you have all season's of To Catch A Predator on DVD." -Big Steve
So I was playing some Free Roam on Red Dead Redemption and I pass this guy who is just standing out in a field doing nothing. I ride up and all I hear on his mic is "fap, fap, fap, fap,fap" followed by grunting. -SHOTBlocker4044
One day while playing MW2 with a coworker, he said "The bigger they are, the harder they fall" since he unlocked the challenge. I regret it to this day, but my response was "No, the bigger they are, the harder you choke!" He never really looked at me the same.-Aaron

In the lobby of a match in Black Ops and my buddy called Microsoft Tech SupportTech Support: "Hello, this is Microsoft tech support, please give us your full name, and state your problem"My Friend: "Yeah my name is Bob Dole"Tech Support: "I'm sorry, did you say Dylan?"My Friend: "No, it's Bob Dole"Tech Support: "Did you say Matthew?"My Friend: "NO, BOB!"Tech Support: "Can you spell that out?"My Friend: "B-O-B!"Tech Support: "Okay, now what is your question?"My Friend: "Yeah, my computer says to press "ANY" key… I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE "ANY" KEY IS!"Everyone in the lobby was laughing so hard that he had to hang up because he couldn't hear.-Anonymous
The other night on Black Ops there was some kid running his mouth. He ended up saying "13 born and raised on North Carolina, ain't ever seen a vagina." -Matt
I was in a Halo: Reach when this happened:Kid 1: "Your mom's dad's mom's great-grandson is a bitch."Kid 2: Oh… Wait, fuck you!-Noah