Ever love a piece of fan art so much, you want to become friends with it, hug it, snuggle it, kiss it, maybe even marry it? The cosplayers below understand your passion. That's why they poured lots of time and effort and glitter into bringing these masterpieces to life. So all this love could be fully realized. (Except you absolutely cannot touch any cosplayer unless you have their permission.)


1. Genderswapped Hades

Cosplay by jacklinn

Fan art by sakimichan

Awesome Cosplay of Fanart


2. Human CL4P-TP

Cosplay by Bansh33

Fan Art by noflutter

Awesome Cosplay of Fanart


3. Asuka

Cosplay by MandaCowled

Fan Art by DesktopAnimeWallpaper

Awesome Cosplay of Fanart


4. Sailor Moon

Cosplay by Azulette Cosplay

Fan Art by Abigail Dela Cruz

Awesome Cosplay of Fanart


5. Jinx from League of Legends

Cosplay by RainbowMissy

Fan Art by ganassa

Awesome Cosplay of Fanart