While plenty of people are loving the launching point of the big screen DCU, a few others - including critics and even DCU directors - have been prettttttty critical of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And while there's a lot to like in the film, we can't help but be a little bit bothered by a few things that happened over the course of the 3 hours of superhero battlin'.

1. Why does the manager of Wayne Enterprises in Metropolis wait until Bruce Wayne calls him to evacuate?


Early in the film, we're treated to revisiting the Battle of Metropolis between Superman and General Zod - but from the perspective of Bruce Wayne, who's rushing into the city to get to the Wayne Enterprises building (and trying to save people, which is a nice change of pace). Early in his entrance into the city, he calls up an employee and tells him to evacuate the building...EVEN THOUGH THE ZOD/SUPERMAN DRAGONBALL Z-STYLE BATTLE HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR LIKE 15 MINUTES.

Whole city blocks had already been turned to rubble by that point, and the manager is waiting for Bruce Wayne to give him the go ahead to maybe GET THE HELL OUT? Like, fifty 9/11s are happening outside, maybe just take some initiative and run like hell.


2. Why wouldn't Superman get rid of the World Engine in the Indian Ocean? Why did he just LEAVE IT THERE?


Superman did a pretty solid job of destroying the World Engines in Man of Steel - what he apparently neglected to do, however, was clean up his mess. Apparently the World Engine that had been hovering over the Indian Ocean was just left there - leaking out god knows what chemicals into the ocean (and leaving behind a decent amount of Kryptonite, apparently). I get that Superman was a little neglectful towards human life during his big Zod throwdown, but you'd think he'd find the time in the 18 months since then to clean up an enormous Kryptonian structure that was just chilling in the ocean.

Also: WOULDN'T AQUAMAN, FRIEND TO SEA LIFE, WANNA GET RID OF THAT TOO? Why did he sit on his underwater ass for 18 months and not do anything about it?


3. Why does Lex arm his goons with "experimental bullets"? WHAT ABOUT THE BULLETS WERE "EXPERIMENTAL"? WHY NOT GIVE THEM REGULAR BULLETS?


One of the weirdest sequences of the movie comes right up at the beginning - Lois Lane is in Africa, sitting down for an interview with a supposed terrorist, when things start to get messy. Superman swoops in, brutally murders the head terrorist, and flies Lois away. However, he does NOT deal with the mercenary goons who gun down the rest of the terrorists and - we're told later - also gunned down an entire village of women and children.

Couple things here:

  • Why did Lex outfit his goons with experimental bullets instead of regular bullets?

  • What about the bullets were experimental? They were all used to kill regular people, not Superman, so it's unlikely they were designed to hurt metahumans or anything.

  • Why did people think Superman shot up a village with experimental bullets? Or any bullets? He's Superman, he just knocks shit down with punches and eye lasers.


Also: remember the random photographer who was secretly a CIA agent who got shot in the head? That was Jimmy Olsen! Yes, Zack Snyder left Jimmy Olsen as a rando unnamed corpse because he was bored or something.

"We just did it as this little aside because we had been tracking where we thought the movies were gonna go, and we don't have room for Jimmy Olsen in our big pantheon of characters, but we can have fun with him, right?"

One of the most important figures in the Superman mythos was murdered unceremoniously in order to "have fun." Great!


4. What the hell is the deal with the Knightmare? And then the Flash traveling back in time IN A DREAM?


During the most memorable dream sequence of the film (note: THERE ARE FOUR DREAM SEQUENCES SOMEHOW), Batman finds himself in a dystopian future ruled by a totalitarian Superman. Which - okay! Batman's concerned that Superman's power could lead him to taking over the planet. That's pretty reasonable.


But then, for some reason, uh, Darkseid's Omega symbol is burnt into the Earth and his parademons are flying around, even though there's no way Batman has any knowledge of Darkseid. And Superman talks very specifically about how he turned evil because Batman did something that resulted in Lois Lane's death. And then...Batman wakes up! It was all a dream!

...EXCEPT then Flash shows up from the future? And warns Batman that he was right about Superman and that Lois Lane is the key. And then...Batman wakes up! Again!

So - the Knightmare was a dream WITHIN a dream? And how does Batman know about Flash? How does he know about Darkseid? Was this a vision? Was he having a nightmare REMEMBERING when Flash came to him from the future in real life before the film? WHAT?!


Also: okay, let's say that...uh....either Flash HAD come to Batman that way in the past before the film started, or that he somehow traveled INTO Batman's dreams....why doesn't Batman do anything? Why doesn't he look into this Lois Lane character and why she might be important to protect?