Right now, we have a new live-action Batman in theaters for the first time in a decade - the Batfleck himself (and - by the way - apparently Ben Affleck JUST completed his own script for the solo Batman film that will follow Justice League!). It's an exciting time to be a Batfan, even if his introductory movie had a few, um, issues.

Anyways, what better way to celebrate the new Batmania than with some of the Dark Knight's greatest moments on Tumblr? I mean, not THAT Tumbler, the social network about teens drawing Undertale fan art.


1. Batman, easily the darkest and grittiest DC character.


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2. Alfred is one of the few individuals to have seen Batman's bare buttocks and lived to tell the tale


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3. Batman's "no kill" rule should probably also have a "don't make jokes about recently blown up people" section


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4. Zack Snyder, you've changed a lot of the DC mythos, but leaving THIS out is unforgivable.

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5. To be fair, a billionaire who dresses up like a flying rodent might not be in the most rational headspace.


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