mother 3

It's finally happening. Mother 3 will have an official translation in North America. At least, that's according to multiple reports this week. First it was a few scattered Twitter hints from insiders, which is par for the course for the internet, but then Eurogamer weighed in. They confirmed from independent sources that Mother 3 is indeed in the final stages of a Western localization, and will be released on Wii U via the Virtual Console, to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.

Now, to be clear, it's hard to say that we might actually be seeing a sequel to Earthbound in North America, but the smoke around this potential fire is growing. Even so, it's tough to believe that Nintendo would drop clear hints merely to mess with us. They even finally dropped the lost NES prequel Earthbound Beginnings last year, so there's precedent for the company doling out unreleased material.

This kind of seems like something you might see get announced at E3, so we could be waiting a few months before this is made official (that is, if these reports turn out to be true). Until then, you could always enjoy the unofficial fan translation: