At its heart, what is Deadpool but the story of love, loss, and...uh...the color red?

Okay, it'd be a pretttttttty far stretch to consider Deadpool anything resembling a romantic comedy - it's a rare R-rated superhero film, after all. And - like most things Deadpool - something aiming to be irreverent, funny, and fourth it's gonna be a weird film EVEN FOR SUPERHERO MOVIES. But the marketing team for the film (which have absolutely been KILLING it, honestly) smartly decided to play up the goofiness by releasing the above poster, positioning the film neatly into its February 12th release date.

And in case you were wondering if this is an actual poster...




Even better, people are using the troll-y romcom poster for the gory, swear-y superhero film to trick their unsuspecting significant others into thinking they're going to have a romantic night at the movies on Valentine's Day.


"Girlfriend fell for it perfectly :)"


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"I hope she doesn't burn my face off."



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"My wife hates comic book movies. Thanks Universal."


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There are probably gonna be a LOT of real upset significant others once the film starts and Ryan Reynolds starts stabbing and shooting everything in sight, but until then, let's just appreciate these brave trolls and hope to god their significant others don't watch any TV commercials or go on the internet at all before Valentine's Day.