Something X-Men as a franchise has always struggled with has been having wayyy too many characters to service. From the comic books to the TV show to the movies, there are just too many damn mutants. And when it gets out of hand, it gets reeeal out of hand - to the degree that none of the characters get a complete arc or the necessary fleshing out that should be expected from these movies by now. And while X-Men: The Last Stand introduced Beast, Angel, Kitty Pryde (YES SHE WAS IN THE PREVIOUS FILMS AS MINOR CAMEOS, I KNOW), and Juggernaut to the already packed cast, X-Men: Apocalypse is going even further - introducing Apocalypse, Storm, Psylocke, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nightcrawler, AND Archangel all in one film.

And that's just the new big main characters we know about - there might be even more characters in the mix, but all of the EIGHT new characters in the trailer look to serve pretty major roles. That is far too many main characters to introduce in a 3rd film, and still expect for there to be enough time to service the existing characters we've already been following for a few films.


5. The driving creative force of previous 2 movies not around for this one (Bryan Singer in the 1st trilogy, Matthew Vaughn for 2nd trilogy)


It's pretty much accepted at this point that the reason for X-Men: The Last Stand's failure as a film was the absence of Bryan Singer, who'd shepherded the first two movies into existence - but left the third film to make the DC movie we all collectively forgot existed, Superman Returns.

And you may have forgotten, but the First Class era of X-Men films was brought about not by Singer, but by Matthew Vaughn - the director of Layer Cake, Kick-Ass, and last year's astonishingly great Kingsman: The Secret Service. And while Singer re-asserted himself into the X-Men films with Days of Future Past, much of the groundwork of the script came from work done by Vaughn

But X-Men: Apocalypse is the first of the First Class films to not have Vaughn involved at all, beyond an Executive Producer credit. Nope, this is one is simply written solely by Simon Kinberg....who, oh yeah, was the guy who wrote the screenplay for X-Men: The Last Stand (along with Zak Penn).

And if you think we're being unfair to Simon Kinberg, allow us to mention he was a producer and screenwriter for this summer's Fant4stic Four. So, there's that.



 Now we don't mean to say X-Men: Apocalypse will definitely be a Last Stand-level disaster - so far there's no evidence they're inserting internet memes into the film ("I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!"), no sign that Cyclops will weirdly die for no reason in the first half of the movie, and - even though Apocalypse looks a whole lot like the Power Rangers' villain Ivan Ooze - at least Oscar Isaac is in the cast, and he's a pretty stellar actor. And Bryan Singer is a better director than Brett Ratner any day of the week, so there's that too.

And remember the ending of The Last Stand? Where Magneto slightly nudges a chess piece with the remnants of his powers? And it was supposed to be a big "WHOA!" moment but came off as incredibly lame and anticlimactic? At least they're not gonna do anything as silly as -