3. Leia, Too Busy for Your Crap

princess leia

A lot of Leia Organa's -- later Leia Organa Solo's -- early, post-movie fiction mirrors that of her wayward beau. Both characters were somewhat overshadowed by their much more aggro offspring. This is somewhat ironic, given that she had almost no time for child rearing.

Instead, Leia mostly left the kids with their father, and on various "safe worlds." There they could be raised without having to worry about interplanetary politics and intermittent Jedi training. When the kids did eventually return to see their parents they had a tough time readjusting -- claiming that Leia wasn't their "real" mother. In retrospect, this might have had something to do with them growing up to kill each other down the line.

In fairness, Leia had a lot more to worry about than just her own family. When the Second Galactic Civil War broke out she found herself and her husband suddenly on opposite sides.

Leia's brother Luke and her gradually-corrupting son Jacen stuck on the side of the Republic. However, Leia herself only pretended to work for the side she had spent her entire life trying to rebuild. In actual fact, she was helping Han and their friend Wedge Antilles on the Corellian side of the conflict. It was, basically, very confusing.

Leia's Jedi training was put to good use throughout the rise and fall of her delinquent son. Between lightsaber fights, however, she was mostly busy using her status as one of the greatest leaders in history to smooth over political messes left by the many power mad pretenders that followed Emperor Palpatine.


4. Lando, a Business and Confidence Man to the End


After destroying the Galactic Empire's second Death Star, Lando Calrissian tried his best to reestablish the way of life that war had taken from him. In this case that meant setting up yet another mining complex, this time on the balmy (i.e. "superhot") Nkllon. It was a pretty cool setup, what with his "Nomad City" being an ever-moving dreadnaught always staying out of the planet's sunny side.

Unfortunately, no concept that awesome can live forever. Grand Admiral Thrawn, hater of all things rad, blew the place to smithereens. Unfortunately for the remnants of the Galactic Empire, this meant Lando was no longer otherwise engaged and could resume his old rank of General within the New Republic military.

Back in his previous role Lando aided Leia, Luke, Han, and the rest of the gang against Emperor Palpatine's clone-hopping ghost. He helped in taking out something called the "Galaxy Gun" (maybe the Empire does have cool things after all), and was instrumental in Palpatine's final demise. With that out of the way, however, Lando was once again left directionless.

Being the slyest of sly dogs that he is, Lando decided that what he really wanted was a wife. Preferably someone with which he could share his fortune as well as future.

So began his galaxy-wide hunt for a bride, eventually culminating in the discovery of Tendra Risant. While rich herself, Lando found that he actually valued Tendra for more than the, let's say equitable, element of their relationship. This threw the perennial con-man for a loop, which might be why he asked her to marry him shortly afterwards. That was after he and Luke Skywalker were chased off of Tendra's home world, of course.

From that point forward Lando continued doing what he did best: business, and fighting the bad guys whenever became troublesome for that business. He even aided in the fight against Jacen Solo, right up to the point that Tendra became pregnant with Lando Jr. After which point his support was, once again, more business than blaster-oriented.