3. The train in Fallout 3 was actually you

train fallout
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One of the more famous tricks pulled off by Bethesda comes during the Broken Steel DLC in Fallout 3. Midway through the add-on content, you can ride a train called the Presidential Metro. When you climb aboard and move the train, it looks like this: 

Notice that flash just after they pull the switch? That's the game distracting you while it attaches a huge-ass train to your head. No, really. The train you "ride" in Fallout 3 is actually attached to your body. 

train fallout

Activating that sequence briefly equips you with the item "DLC03MetroCarArmor." Though it kind of looks like it's a giant metal hat, the Metro car is technically in your right hand -- you can see it in action above, indicated by our man's missing appendage. Once you are possessed by the aforementioned ghost train, the game engages a camera animation that guides you along the tracks. 

It's a seriously bizarre trick and it's kind of messed up that this was apparently necessary, but on the other hand, nobody really noticed for years. Too bad the same can't be said for Fallout 4's janky power armor...


4. Fallout 4's janky power armor

power armor

There are a lot of neat things about the way Fallout 4 handles power armor. No longer simply super-heavy clothing, the new power armor exists in the world as a physical object, ready for you to climb in and pilot at any moment, mech-style. It's basically a post-apocalyptic Iron Man suit, although you have to provide your own snarky British computer commentary. 

But the thing is, since the power armor is readily accessible to you as an object in the world, it's also available for every other NPC. As long as there's a fusion core powering the suit, pretty much anyone else can hop in and jack your hard-earned X-01 suit. Usually it's not a big deal, because you can simply ask friendlies to kindly step the fuck out of your property, but sometimes that's, er... not possible.

fallout power armor glitch

The horrific Slenderwoman seen above wearing Piper's skin is a result of a glitch that seems to be pretty commonBasically, an NPC climbs into your power armor, and instead of strutting around in their new mecha-duds, something breaks and the suit disappears, leaving only a stretchy human husk that can barely walk. 

Here's a good visual representation of what should happen, followed immediately by oh god why

Unlike a lot of the other things on this list, it's not entirely clear what's going on here. The conclusion that many have come to upon seeing this glitch assumes that the Gumby-esque monsters we're seeing is actually what the NPCs look like inside the power armor. In this scenario, the characters warp and stretch to fill the armor and walk "naturally." 

It's unconfirmed and more than a little out there, but then again, this is what happens when a child climbs into power armor:

You'd be forgiven if your first reaction upon seeing these abominations was to pull out your gun and end their misery, but you might not want to heed your instincts.

Whether it's a malfunction that reveals part of Bethesda's design shortcuts or a just plain creepy glitch, I think we can all agree that this part of the game should be patched immediately. Or depending on how much you're into body horror, maybe never patched, ever.