5. The Insanely Complicated "Double Crust Blooming Pizza" (Domino's Korea)

hash brown crust

Korean pizza culture basically has no rules, it's like Fight Club with gluten. Cranberry cream cheese shrimp on a potato hash brown crust? Go on ahead. Nothing quite exemplifies this level of complexity and variety like Domino's "Double Crust Blooming Pizza".

Here's what we're working with:

  1. A dual-layer base crust with hollandaise sauce filling
  2. Merguez sausage balls with individual pineapple tops
  3. Miniature chilis
  4. Fried sweet potato
  5. Assorted veggies
  6. Bacon bits
  7. Mango habanero sauce
  8. Outer crust made from cubed foccacia, which I literally don't undertand why that is a neccesary step.

All this can be yours for about 30 dollars. Here's fun experiment, try ordering this from your local pizza place and see how long your face can remain un-punched.



6. Kit Kat Pizza (Strawberry Cones, Japan)

strawberry cones
photo via Zykium

Give me a break! No seriously I'm not quoting the jingle! I am actually begging for a reprieve from the suffering I've experienced while looking at this ooey-gooey bread dilemna! 


7. Halloween Carnival Face Pizza (Aoki's Pizza, Japan)

carnival pizza

Oh-ho-ho what a festive way to celebrate the holidays with this thematically appropriate pizza! I'm sure my guests will be delighted to see this funny faced jack-o-lantern when it arrives at my door-

weird face pizza
photos via afamily.vn

Have you ever had food that you wanted to eat not because you were hungry, but because you wanted to end its own misery?


8. The $800 Red Bean Bun Dessert Pizza (Napoli's, Japan)

napolis bun pizza

Promising the ultimate combination of "Eastern Sweets and Western Cuisine" this Japanese dessert pizza boasted local black honey and gourmet red bean buns at the hefty price of 100,000 yen (about 800 dollars American). That might seem ludicrously expensive until you see what day the ad says this dish was unveiled:

800 dollar pizza