Bethesda added a building component to Fallout 4 so players can make settlements throughout the game. Many players have enjoyed this new addition, scavenging supplies and forging scrappy shelters for NPCs, while others have given up on quests completely and are playing Fallout 4 like it's the Sims. Here are some of the most impressive Fallout 4 builds players have shared with the internet:


1. If you're looking to party, head to Rock City (No, it's not a city filled with rocks)


2. Why build a house from scratch when you can build a big house on top of an old house?

fallout 4 settlementsby InsightfulLemon


3. You want your house to say: "I am Iron Man."

fallout 4 settlement

by xMFHxCeltics


4. Floating turrets are the best defense

fallout 4 settlements

by ucannotseeme


5. No, wait, a giant mech is the best defense

fallout 4 settlements

fallout 4 settlements

by Blackler