6. The frozen children in Everything Must Go

The backs of those kids' heads are more haunting than the ones in Inception.

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7. This furious man who has to shut a car door in Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth. Old man forced to close car doors.

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8. This monster tossing a dog in the water in Mr. Nanny

As if sitting through Mr. Nanny wasn't traumatizing enough.

(If you missed it, look over Hulk Hogan's left shoulder!)

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9. This limp-wristed ape woman in Planet of the Apes

She hates human beings, but she hates physical exertion even more.

(If you missed it, look to the left of the ape in the orange outfit!)

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10. This soldier kicked in the groin in The Last Samurai

He wishes he were The Last...Man Ever Kicked in the Nuts by a Horse

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