5. Skunk + A Butt = This thing.


 This is not a fantastical creature, this just a thing that stinks up the entire highway when it's run over. I'd be less offended by this half-measure if they'd stuck with its original Japanese name "Skunpoo".


6. What the F*CK did you do to Spoink!?


This is the Golduck of Generation III. That's the greatest insult I can muster for this nothing evolution.  


7. Oh hey, it's this... guy


Oh god, this is so embarrassing, I accidentally added a "fakemon" from one of those fan games like Pokemon Sage or Pokemon Snakewood, my mistake. That's why you didn't recognize-- ah crap it's real.


8. Did somebody order a forgettable grass-type?


 Listen Creatures Inc., if you want people to love your designs, you gotta give them a proper push. Get them onto some merch, let them be an item in Smash Bros. you gotta put the EFFORT in. The only thing that Pokemon has more of than butterflies is "grass-types that evolve into pretty flower-things".

Hey Lilligant, Bellossom called, she wants her EVERYTHING back.