Hey guys, we're going to be talking SPOILERS for all Jurassic movies, including Jurassic World. But if box office numbers are any indication, you've probably seen it twice already.


1. Jurassic World's secret cameo

jurassic world attack

Since Jurassic World banks so hard on nostalgia, the movie plays out like one huge easter egg hunt peppered with giant action setpieces. But while you were still giddy from seeing those old cool night vision goggles and the old jeeps at the decrepit visitors center, there was a sneaky cameo hiding right in plain sight. 

You might remember this goober during a quick shot while the populace is running away from the pterosaurs.

This alpha-dad goofball is risking life and limb to ensure that his margaritas survive this vicious attack. It's hilarious for sure, but at the same time you have to respect the guy's priorities. The moment comes in a scene that otherwise doesn't have a lot of levity, so it feels very out of place. Though it's one of those things you'll never be able to un-see when rewatching the movie, you can probably forgive the filmmakers for giving a cameo to Jimmy God Damned Buffett. 

jimmy buffett

Yep, THAT Jimmy Buffett. As in, "Cheeseburger in Paradise" Jimmy Buffett. As in, the same guy who owns a chain of bars called "Margaritavilles," like the one featured in Jurassic World. Turns out it being buddies with big Hollywood producers goes a long way to get you a waddle-on role in a dinosaur attack.  buddies, and that's why Jimmy got a cameo in a dinosaur attack. 


2. Tons of references to Jurassic Park to Jurassic World

jurassic park vs jurassic world

Pretty much the entirety of Jurassic World is one big reference to the 1993 classic Jurassic Park. The new movie wastes no time in cashing in on 20-year old nostalgia, pulling out that iconic, goosebump-inducing theme music in the opening minutes. 

A lot of the references in Jurassic World are pretty in-your-face, like the giant torchlit gates, or the part where a giant dinosaur tries to bite through glass to eat two children. Hell, those same kids wander around the original visitors center and literally burn the  But a few of these hints and callbacks are slightly more subtle. For instance, remember when the team is first sent out to grab the escaped Indominus Rex? And then this guy gets some blood on his wrist seconds before his gruesome death?

It might seem like he should have seen that coming, but he was transfixed by the slowly rolling droplets. Maybe it looked familiar to him. Maybe he saw the movie Jurassic Park. 

Before shit hits the fan in the first movie, we see Ian Malcolm doing an "experiment" on Ellie Sattler in a thinly veiled excuse to do some hardcore flirting. Malcolm attempts to explain Chaos Theory by dropping water on the same part of Ellie's hand, and watching as the water rolls in different directions. To put it very broadly, the theory in this context attempts to explain how some things in nature remain unpredictable no matter what, kind of like the weather. When we see the droplets show up again in Jurassic World, it's right before we see that chaos of nature at its nastiest.

Kind of makes you sad that we didn't get any Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World. Except that we kind of did.  

jurassic world book

When the boys are on the train into Jurassic World, you can see their guardian/Mosasaur chow Zara reading a book. Peeking just under the headrest is what appears to be Ian Malcolm, further confirmed by the reflection of the book's cover in the window. As featured on the Jurassic World website, Ian Malcom's book "God Creates Dinosaurs" is evidently very popular among the characters in the movie. Here's the book again in the control room, complete with bonus Goldblum. 

goldblum cameo

That desk belongs to Lowery, the techie who has the poor taste to wear a Jurassic Park t-shirt in a world where people actually died on the island. Despite the fact that the director told the actor that Lowery was the equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, we all know he's just the Light Side version of Newman Nedry. This is made clear with the specific references to Lowery's messy desk, a characteristic shared by his greedy, sample-stealing predecessor. 

nedry jurassic park

But it's not enough for Jurassic World to have events or characters that are kind of like the stuff from Jurassic Park. There are several instances where the reference is literally ripped straight out of time to the present. 

Case in point: Remember how Gray and Zach magically fix up one of the old JP jeeps that had been sitting in the visitors center for decades? You know, the same one that would have definitely had rotted tires and spoiled gasoline? Well, it just so happens that this timeless ubervehicle is the same one that Hammond can be riding in Jurassic Park:

hammond jeep 29

Note the numbers on both vehicles is the same: Lucky number 29. 

Apart from vehicles, you can also spot multiple dinosaurs that appear to be straight out of the first movie. You probably noticed that hologram of a dilophosaurus (that little rascal that spit poison goo all over Nedry's face) in Jurassic World, but comparing the two shots side-by-side takes it to another level.

similar jurassic park world

It almost looks as though these are the exact same dinosaurs, just flipped horizontally. Check out the pattern on its headflaps if you're doubtful. If it's not a straight rip out of Spielberg's classic, it definitely looks like it was digitally recreated with some serious attention to detail. 

But that was a cameo at best. We all know who the real star of Jurassic Park was:

trex jurassic park

The T-Rex that hounded the heroes throughout the original movie ended up their savior, taking on the cunning raptors just before . We do see another T-Rex in Jurassic World, and it's not a coincidence that this one is also distracted by flares -- this is the exact same T-Rex that's seen in Jurassic Park, and it's got the scars to prove it. 

trex jurassic world in jurassic park

Mixed in with the fresh wounds from battle with the Indominus Rex, you can clearly see some aged scars along the side of the T-Rex's neck and face. Director Colin Trevorrow went ahead and confirmed that it is indeed the very same dinosaur, going so far as to say that Jurassic World is the grizzled T-Rex's version of the Clint Eastwood post-western Unforgiven. One can only hope that we'll eventually get to see Million Dollar Baby starring vicious dinosaurs.