3. The BEST Judge Dredd movie couldn't Beat J-Law's Worst

Judge dredd hello stop

Dredd 3D had a lot resting on its oversized shoulder pads. Not only did it have to redeem the character from the depths of Sylvester Stallone, they also had to justify its 3D upcharge, and by all critical measures they succeeded. Surprisingly clever, imaginatively violent and with some of the most inventive uses of the third dimension in modern movie history, it was a slam dunk. Unfortunately, the lingering taint of Rob Schneider was enough to dissuade US audiences to skip Dredd and instead see Jennifer Lawrence scream in a tank top. House at the End of the Street is currently J-Law's worst reviewed movie on RottenTomatoes, and that's including Drillbit Taylor.


4. Shia Lebeouf casually smacks aside one of the best action comedies ever made

not too shabby

Lots of people liked Disturbia, and there's nothing too wrong with that. It's a fine homage to classic Hitchcock movies for the Disney Channel generation starring Shia at his most Lebeouf-y. But the fact that it still beat Hot Fuzz, even after a harsh second week drop-off is awful. Hot Fuzz is an amazing parody of action-movie cliches with an endearing cast of characters. It's honestly my favorite of director Edgar Wright's "Coronetto Trilogy" and one of the most solid examples of how good an "action-comedy" can be, up there with classics like Ghostbusters and Rush Hour. To be fair, it probably would have helped if Rihanna had a single called "Hot Fuzz" at around the same time as well.