6. Though known for its psychic powers, Psyduck is a 100% water-type

psuck disney crossover  
artwork by Naivascha


7. Perhaps his greatest enemy is... himself

GIF via tfwnojutsu


8. Psyduck isn't a glamourous or high-class Pokemon...

psyduck bento lunch
psyduck bento by trekkiegrrrl 


... quite the opposite in fact, 

psyduck pokemon cake disasterpsyduck cake by Eifie


... it represents the working stiffs, the average joes, the pokemon who are just trying to get by

watermelon carving by johwee


9. To raise a Psyduck is to know the meaning of patience

psyduck etchasketchart by PrincessEtchasketch



10. Psyduck is also an avatar for scientific advancement, if only because puns

science psyduck sciduck
amigurumi by corlista