Hey, just a fair warning: this is infuriating and horrible to watch.


If you've ever watched someone livestream, you've seen all sorts of horrible things happening, from SWATing to various levels of emotional breakdowns - but this Japanese livestreamer takes the horror of livestream to an insane level as he accidentally burns down his home.


And yes, we really mean that. He burns down his entire home.

Start the video at 4:54 to watch him trying to light a match, accidentally light the entire matchbook on fire, toss it casually into a bag filled with tissue (and lighter fluid!), and proceed to fight the fire in the dumbest ways imaginable, including:

  • hitting it with cardboard
  • dribbling about 3 drops of water on it
  • dumping it next to a bunch of cardboard and LEAVING THE ROOM?!
  • getting tiny bowls of water to toss on the raging inferno

Again, this is horrible and infuriating, like watching an IRL recreation of a fire in The Sims - all panic and bad decisions as the fire spreads.


So always remember: if you're livestreaming and you accidentally start a fire, do the opposite of everything this guy does. Be safe.