5. Secret kittens are the best kind of kittens

kitten zelda

Skyward Sword gets a lot of guff from fans, but it does have working toilets. Not only that, but SS also has the only known magical kitten garden in the series. All it takes is a properly-placed clawshot and you can leap over a wall and frolic in the flowers with the cat-like "remlits." 

The kittens are mostly useless, and their only real move is "play around" and "be cute." If you're a real bastard, though, you can throw them off a cliff.

They're fine! Those adorably large ears alow them to flap to safety. And since remlits are impossibly nice and/or improbably stupid, they don't seem angry with you.

The game doesn't uh, exactly make that clear right away, so someone at some point had to have thrown one of these little guys off the edge of the world thinking they were murdering fantasy kittens. I cannot confirm or deny whether that person was me.



4. Star Fox makes a fly-by

star fox zelda

This is a popular one, but it's celebrated for a reason. Not normally attainable in the game, players who kept their GameSharks around can type in a code and voila! Star Fox invades Ocarina of Time in his Arwing. For a while it was thought that this inclusion was merely for the amusement of the programmers.  All Fox does is twirl around and shoot lasers at you like a spacefaring dickweed. 

It was later revealed that one of the game's bosses, the lava dragon/feminine hygeine product Volvagia, followed the same behavior as enemy fighters in Star Fox 64. So the Arwing was included in the game as a tool for the developers so they could mimic the behavior and later switch out the boss character model. Regardless of the somewhat mundane reasoning behind it, summoning an Arwing in-game is still pretty rad.

But that's not the only Star Fox reference in the series. In Majora's Mask, once you fill up your inventory, a pattern emerges: One of the rows of masks seems to align itself with characters from the Star Fox universe

star fox zelda

The director of the game came out and said that it's either a coincidence or a the work of a sneaky programmer. We like to think the latter, and that somewhere out there is an unfinished mask featuring a huge space monkey head with a set of disembodied hands.