7. Secret weapons for final boss battles

zelda twilight princess

Two of the most powerful forces for evil in the Zelda universe apparently have the attention span of a house cat. Both Ganon and Demise can be defeated through traditional means, but savvy gamers have found a way to make the villains' humiliation complete. The objects of their destruction? A fishing rod and a bug net.

The awesome climactic duel with Ganon in Twilight Princess can be a bit tough if you're not patient, as the Dorf is always on defense. But you can make Ganon drop his guard by casting a line with your fishing rod, leaving your enemy completely vulnerable to attack.

You can pull off a similar trick with Demise at the end of Skyward Sword, but with a bug net.

The most vile evils in Hyrule and beyond, reduced to a dazzled stoner at the chandelier store. The bug net in particular is deceptively powerful. During that same fight, instead of using your sword to bat away Demise's energy blasts, you can whip around your fishing net and get the exact same result.

This serves no logical purpose -- you could just as easily get the same result with the Master Sword. Its relative uselessness might lead you to believe that this was a glitch overlooked by the developers, but reflecting bug nets go way back to the SNES. 

When you think about it, it's pretty impressive that this Nintendo franchise that sports fishing, bug catching, villages, costumes, a silent protagonist, and an ever-present darkness looming over everything you do -- all  without any loan shark raccoons tricking you into a life of crippling debt.


6. Disturbingly realistic toilets

toilet zelda

Whether it's a new gameplay mechanic or a new art style, Nintendo is always trying to push the Zelda franchise's potential. This is evidenced in the series' latest console installment, Skyward Sword, by the inclusion of a simple stroke of realism: getting to see Link drop a deuce.

Yes, there are actual toilets in the game, and besides the ones with creepy hands that give you sidequests, you can actually sit on these legendary johns. And just like real life, relieving yourself replenishes your health bar. Okay, so Link doesn't exactly drop trou before popping a squat, but the toilets flush when he gets up, indicating that there might be more going on than the E10+ rating would have us believe.

And again, just like real life, if you sit on the pot long enough, you'll eventually fall asleep.

It's not exactly innovative, especially considering Duke Nukem beat Zelda to working toilets by about 15 years. But in Nintendo's defense, there's nothing dirtier than pooping with your clothes on.