Anime fans across the globe were left gobsmacked this week when Dragon Ball Super seemed to take a huge dip in quality. This kind of thing happens a lot in anime, as hundreds of animators of varying price/skill levels are tasked with cranking out shows at a schedule that could be generously called "redonkulous-bordering-on-cruel". Still, it's got to suck when you tune in to watch Goku, one of the most globally iconic heroes in modern history, and what you get is... this:


goku why




goku wtf

goku face

goku beerus

goku animation


panch panch


This has led many doomsayers to proclaim this the return of the "TOEI Curse" that plagued Sailor Moon Crystal (another high-profile 90s reboot that was criticized for its awkward and off-model animation errors). If it's any consolation, most of these mistakes get corrected once the series makes it to Blu-Ray. See these side-by-side comparisons gathered by


sailor moon



sailor moon 2


Cartoons, man. It's serious business.