1. George Lucas names Obi-Wan's home planet after Jon Stewart


Star Wars Celebrations are massive annual conventions that give fans a way to engage with their favorite sci-fi universe, and yes, also a way for a massive corporation to squeeze even more money out of their fans. One of the most fun things to come out of an SWC was during 2010, when Jon Stewart took the stage to interview the now-deposed Star Wars czar George Lucas. When Stewart asked for clarification on what planet Obi-Wan Kenobi was born on, Lucas replied "Stewjon," a hasty amalgamation of Jon Stewart's own name.

Though the response was made in jest, it was too late. George Lucas said it, and as such,  Stewart's planet instantly became a legitimized part of Star Wars lore. Within an hour, Wikis had been furiously updated. It wasn't long before Stewjon was officially canonized on a Star Wars trading card.  


Things are a little fuzzy now, given that the Star Wars franchise has since changed hands -- but if they ever do that Adventures of Young Obi-Wan movie with Ewan McGregor, hopefully Disney will stay faithful to George Lucas' vision. And that's the last time you'll ever see me say that.


2. Jon Stewart gets his own official Star Wars action figure


During the same year as Stewart's Star Wars interview, Lucas thanked his friend with a one-of-a-kind gift: A sweet action figure of Jon himself as a Stewart Storm Stewart Trooper. The replica even came with old-school packaging branded with the best movie in the series, and included a selection of interchangeable heads like "Young Jon Stewart," "Stormtrooper Jon Stewart" and "Old and Depressed Jon Stewart."


On top of all that, he even got to pose with Stormtrooper Donald and Disconcertingly Cinnamon-Bunned Minnie. 

stewart disney star wars

Jon Stewart, Disney, Star Wars. It's pretty much a perfect winning combination. You know, except for the Knicks hat.


3. Jon battles it out with Stephen Colbert for Star Wars supremacy (and charity)

stewart colbert fight

We might soon look back on these as Golden Years; both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were at their best when they shared a one-hour block of fantastic television, four days a week on Comedy Central. Viewers cherished the rare moments when the fundamentally different but tonally-consistent shows briefly crossed over. Colby and J-Stew, as I imagine they called each other, saved these events for special occasions -- like promoting a good cause.

It's a simple skit that they probably cobbled together with their Star Wars desk toys in like 30 minutes, but it's still a lot of fun.

colbert stewart star wars

They're entertainers, so they'd understand if you just wanted to watch a goofy sketch and didn't want to help support after-school programs and prenatal care for needy infants. If you just silently click "Next Page" for more Stewart/Star Wars shenanigans, no one will blame you. Except maybe the children.