As part of its official bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, China released  a companion song called "The Ice and Snow Dance". Meant to evoke a feeling of wintery beauty and athletic triumph. However there's one small problem with the composition and it's the palpable abscence of Idina Menzel. From the opening piano bars to the build to the chorus, the song seems to borrow entire chunks from the inescapable princess anthem "Let It Go". Some are calling it a complete knock-off, while others are defending the song. 

Here's the multi-language version of the 2013 uber-hit:


and HERE is the song in question:


Personally, I can totally hear it. When you consider the song's intended goal of "globally beloved snowy power ballad", the tonal similarities are too many to be just a coincidence. But there's also points where the tunes do completely deviate. What do you guys think?



Youtuber Disneyland Experience put together this side-by-side video showcasing some of the two songs' most suspicious sync up points.