5. Jumpscares: Cheap But Effective

batman manbat

The Arkham games have enjoyed using time as a mechanic, with Calendar Man in City being the best example. However, even though CM isn't prominently featured in Knight, Rocksteady still managed to use time as a mechanic -- this time to scare the shit out of players. And the really spooky part? It hasn't even happened yet.

To get in on the shenanigans, all you need to do is pop in Arkham Knight after changing your console clock to October 31st, 2015, aka The Day Where Kids Get Free Candy But You Don't Care, Whatever, You're A Grown-up and Can Buy Your Own Candy Whenever You Want. Make sure you've completed Man-Bat's side missions and put that maniac away, and then you can just glide and rappel around the cit--

Out of nowhere Man-Bat will just be chilling on a ledge and swipe at you before flying off. We like to imagine he's been perched on random buildings every night for the past six months, waiting for Batman to grapple up to a single four square-foot ledge. But wait, what's going on, again? Why, it's GCPD being comically incompetent, of course. Head back to the cells and you'll find a bemused cop infront of a broken isolation tank; evidently the glass wasn't thick enough to hold Man-Bat. Maybe one day Gotham City will get around to utilizing these newfangled metal prison cells

Oh, but Scarecrow won't be outdone when it comes to fear. That's kind of his whole thing. In Arkham City he is strangely absent, with one exception: If you locate a boat and decode the frequencies with your magical all-in-one Bat-iPad, you'll find that the code "City of Terror" opens a door to a new area. Inside, you can spot some insects, an invoice addressed to Dr. Crane, and a dead Joker goon. Or at least, he looked dead. 

Then again, these guys are all chumps compared to the Sneak King

We get it, Batman. You ARE the night. You don't have to be a dick about it. 



4. The Joker is EVERYWHERE in Arkham Knight


It's not a secret at this point: Arkham Knight begins with Batman getting infected with fear toxin, which causes him to see hallucinations of the Joker throughout the game. Joker's acidic wit is one of the highlights of the game, from his jabs at Two-Face's penis to impersonating the dead Wayne parents -- best of all, we know this is coming from inside the deepest recesses of Batman's pscyhe.

But not all of the fear toxin's effects are so obvious. Sometimes, things like posters, billboards and statues will take on a Joker bent.

joker vision

As time goes on, the visions only get more twisted:

batman vision

joker vision

Thing is, they don't always stay that way. The affected objects will often revert back to their normal state when you're not looking, leaving you to wonder if you're actually going insane. It's a neat trick, somewhat reminiscent of the cult favorite GameCube game Eternal Darkness.

Note to self: Pitch Batman/Eternal Darkness crossover before anyone steals the idea.