Thank You Iwata by Robot Mermaids

iwata kirby



Tribute to Mr. Iwata by Brawl In The Family

Brawl in the family


Thank You, Mr. Iwata by namie

nintendo tumblr



See You, Space Cowboy by TheChowderhead



"I thought it only fitting. #RIPIWATA" by Joshua Saucedo

mario half mast


Thanks for Playing by The Gamer Cat


Earthbound Tribute by ghostlet



RIP Satoru Iwata by Eto86



With a Bow and a Smile by MoeAlmighty

bow and a smile


Thank You Iwata by joypandaah

pokemon park


"I am a gamer" by Rincs

iwata quote


Various Miiverse Tributes via

iwata miiverse


"Chin up, kids" by featherdusters

ness rosalina



"I put my feelings in a picture..." by Peach Bunni

(note that each character is holding the "revive" items from their respective games)



"Thank You" by dantekurosaki