photo credit: hakka


Officials at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden were puzzled why female attendance spiked so suddenly in recent months. Only after checking twitter did they discover the cult-like following that had formed in admiration of Shabani, their Western Lowland Gorilla.



With his soulful eyes and immaculate fur, Shabani epitomizes the masculine ideal of Ikemen, a term reserved for only the coolest and most stylish men. According to an article from (and desperate use of Google Translate) female onlookers at the zoo were exclaiming "So handsome!" and that the gorilla was "even better looking in-person".



We here at Dorkly have discussed these revelations for hours and have come to the conclusion that yeah, this gorilla is way more attractive than any of us working here. What do you guys think?

Hat tip to Rocketnews24, who are the first to report on almost every weird story to come out of Japan.


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