These modern teens, born in the era of the original Playstation and N64, were spared the hardship and pain that went along with growing up in the early days of gaming. Systems like the Atari 2600 and NES spawned games built to be insanely difficult, because "insanely hard and super glitchy = fun" was the mantra of the day. And one of the hardest (but most beloved) examples is Contra for the NES.

And it should not come as a shock to you that teens who grew up thinking Crash Bandicoot was the height of game difficulty are in no way prepared for what Contra has in store for them. Many struggle to get past the first enemy - while only a few even manage to get to the first stage's boss. Spoiler alert: none get past the first level, or even learn the glory of the spread gun.

Although, to be fair, it IS an extremely hard game. If you had never been exposed to it, you likely wouldn't fare much better.


Sadly, we don't get to see their reaction when someone tells them they could have used the Konami code.

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