All aboard the hype train, people! This countdown timer just appeared on All we know is, when the 24 hours are up, SOMETHING is going to happen. After what seems like a lifetime of hoaxes and false starts, are we finally going to get an Fallout 4 announcement two weeks ahead of E3 2015? Here's what we know so far.


The error message is thematically appropriate

source code

The reliable obbsessives at NeoGAF have been searching through the site's source code and CSS backend and found this flavorful chunk of text. In this instance Masterbrain is referencing a Vault-Tec security droid from Fallout 3, and not "The Master" antagonist from the original Fallout and creator of the Super Mutants.



The source code explicitly refers to a domain


Just in case there was any lingering worries that all this marketing was for a Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel HD remaster, the words "fallout4" appears in the backend. (update: the domain has since been deleted from the source code)


The game might be a cross-generation release on consoles?

cross gen

More digging reveals assets referring to both the Xbox 360 and the XboxOne, which has riled some anger in fans that were hoping for a "true" next generation experience. Honestly, I'll be overjoyed if I can even run the thing on "Ultra-Low" settings at 800x600 on my rapidly decaying laptop. 



What else do we know?

shoot man

The first major leak we heard about was when a CG artist accidentally broke embargo by listing a Fallout 4 cinematic on his LinkedIn resume. Then there were the leaked documents that suggested that the game would take place in the (former) Boston area. So chances are high that we're going to get a reveal trailer complete with Ron Perlman's classic "War. War never changes" credo. Bethesda has recently dabbled in micro-teasers with their "motion screenshot" for Doom 4, so who knows how much goodness is coming once the countdown timer ticks down.



All that's certain is that we're going to be frothing with manic hype-fueled nonsense until E3 2015.