Heads up, we'll probably be running afoul of minor SPOILERS for Breaking Bad and also both Gremlins movies. You'll see.


1. Dean Norris, a.k.a. Hank Schrader

dean norris

When he first appeared on Breaking Bad as Walter White's brother-in-law, Dean Norris probably tickled that part of your brain that only exists to ask "Where do I know that guy from?" It's easy to presume that feeling was just because he looks a lot like the guy from The Shield, but Norris has been around forever. He's always pointing that simmering scowl at one famous person or another.

Here Norris is in The Firm, auditing Tom Cruise's thetan levels from afar.

Dean's apparently got a thing for ostracized Hollywood weirdos, as evidenced by his turn in the straightjacket scene in Lethal Weapon 2, just behind Mel Gibson. 

dean norris lethal weapon 2

Though often seen lurking in the shadows, on occasion he has hidden in plain sight -- and under three pounds of makeup.


Yep, that's our Hank as Tony the Mutant in the Arnold Schwarzenegger version (aka the ONLY version) of Total Recall. He's basically unrecognizable, though if you put your thumb over 3/4 of his face you can kind of make out his trademark grimace.

Norris and his menacing bald head and furrowed brow have made him the go-to guy for casting authority figures. You can see him as a high-ranking officer in Starship Troopers, for instance.

dean norris starship trooper

His proclivity for playing police started at the beginning of his career, back when he had a short bit as a SWAT Team Leader called in to clean up the mess at the end of Gremlins 2

Norris also played a SWAT Team Leader a few years later in Terminator 2. Don't remember him? He arrives on the scene just after Sarah, John and the Good Terminator infiltrate the Cyberdyne building. Miles Dyson, the father of SkyNet, tags along to destroy his creation, but is mortally wounded. Norris comes along as Dyson is taking his last breaths before detonating his bomb payload.

dean norris terminator 2

It's hard to tell in that shot, but he does have a close-up.

dean norris terminator 2

Those disappointed dad eyebrows are everywhere.