Hey, that Suicide Squad movie is still filming, and new pics are leaking daily. While we've already seen proof that the Joker is totally willing to sit still for hours to get overly-redundant tattoos inked across his body (informing others that he's damaged, likes to laugh, and has a thing for clowns), we now also know that he has a license plate that literally reads "HAHAHA."

What can we deduce from this? Well, here are 8 things:


1. The Joker had to submit a form to the local DMV to get a vanity license plate.

2. His original request was probably just "HAHA" or something, but someone already had it.

3. "DAMAGED" was likely also unavailable, or possibly the Joker thought it would send the wrong message (since his car is in pristine condition)

4. He took the time to properly screw in his "HAHAHA" vanity license plate to his custom-made purple car.

5. The Joker's car (supposedly a Infiniti G35 Coupe) is registered in Pennsylvania (judging by the design of the license plate).

6. The Joker has a valid driver's license.

7. The Joker had to pass a driver's test at some point.

8. Batman's gonna want to claim the "JUSTICE" vanity plate before it's too late. It would be very Joker-y for the Joker to claim that before Batman could get it, leaving Batman stuck with "JUSTICE1" or something lame like that.