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One of my best friends hates campers, so we called him the Park Ranger. He didn't like it, and thought it was really dumb. One day while playing with him on MW2 on team Deathmatch, he started killing all the campers, one guy was being a particular douche about it, and so on the game winning kill he gets the camper and says over the mic, "The Park Ranger says no camping." Everyone laughed their asses off.-Michael
While playing a sixteen-man game of HALO: Reach, one of my friends asked who "Respawn" was and how/why he kept killing her.-Oscar
So there I am being an idiot on the Wii version of black ops using the headbanger headset and singing Justin Bieber songs very badly and this kid is all like "shut up! You can't even sing!" throughout the entire four matches he put up with me. Fortunately the Wii didn't have headsets before so all these six year olds don't know about the muting option. Now I can sing Justin Bieber all day and these six year olds have to put up with it.-Joe Momma
I was playing a free-for-all wager match on Black Ops, and after discovering he wasn't the only one with a mic, a guy spoke up and said, "Hey, is it strange that I'm playing Call of Duty naked?" I responded: "Not if you win."-Dan

While sitting in a CoD:Black Ops lobby one redneck said, "See my clan tag, BSA, that stands for Boy Scouts of America, 'cuz I'm a camping mother fucker!" That's really what he did the entire match. He was so bad.-Joe
I was playing F1 2010 on X-Box Live when someone said: "I know this track like the back of my hand… and I love it like the front of my hand."-Frosty
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