It's been 18 years since an original Dragonball series has been produced in Japan (19, if you don't count Dragon Ball GT), but at a special fan-screening of the latest movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, representatives from the Fuji TV network and Toei Animation formally announced a new series will start airing in Japan this Summer. Little is known about the project, but they did confirm that series creator Akira Toriyama is back to provide "original story & character concepts" and that the plot will take place a few years after the Majin Buu arc (further enshrining Dragon Ball GT as "even less canon than internet slash fics"). 




Also returning is voice actress Masako Nozawa, the original voice of Goku, who is still shrieking out Kamehamehas at age 78(!). The toughest, most iconic hero in the entirety of Japanese pop-culture is voiced by a Grandma. That's like if Batman was played by Dame Maggie Smith for the past 30 years, and everybody was just SUPER COOL with it.


If the recent Dragon Ball movies are any indicator, the new show is going to have amazing animation, god-level fight scenes, and plots so unpretentiously stupid that you'll feel like you're 12 again (judge for yourself whether that's a good thing or not).