The internet has been FAR too generous with trailers today - first, a brand new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Then, a new trailer for the live action Attack on Titan movie. And now - a few days before what was intended to be its official release - a leaked version of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer!

Warning: some shaky cam and lots of Portuguese subtitles. If you'd rather wait for the clean, official version, check back in on April 20th.


Wow. Everyone hates/fears Superman, Ben Affleck's got the Batman voice down pretty well, Alfred is dropping some wisdom-bombs, and we're gonna find out if Superman bleeds (Batman seems pretty confident). Still no real explanation of why Batfleck is so pissed off at Superman (or why the world fears him so much, other than the whole "completely leveled Metropolis" thing), what's going on with Lex Luthor, or how Wonder Woman fits into all of this, but we've still got another YEAR until this comes out.