Welp, Mortal Kombat is back and just as gory as ever. Actually, no, this is significantly gorier than it's ever been - and there was a point when Mortal Kombat was so gory that Congress had hearings about it.

Seriously, there's so much lovingly-detailed blood, guts, and general viscera that even the most gore-lovin' gamers out there might get a little squeamish at some of the newest Fatalities. But you can judge for yourself, since Youtuber theRadBrad has compiled every single Fatality into one magnificent video. Pretty nice of him to do that, since 99% of the time when YOU try to do a Fatality, you end up bashing buttons all wrong and doing a low kick.


...or, if you're super lazy and rich and still want to do all of these yourself, here's another option: